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Auctions are one of the most premium global events. The prestige of the event depends on the ‘authenticity of the articles/items displayed. This is the reason that the method of content production for auction houses is very contrasting to content production for marketing/advertising.


We are proud to say that we are one of the few agencies worldwide that possess the technical know-how to work with auction houses. With our 10+ years of experience, we not only specialize in photography and retouching for auction houses, but we also provide them with end-to-end solutions involving production, design, and post-production. A perfect case study of this would be our work for Doyle auction house.

"With 10+ years of experience,
we specialize in photography, video,
retouching and end-to-end solutions"

Doyle is one of the world’s leading auction houses with a worldwide reputation for expertise, integrity, and service. Our relationship with Doyle was a progressive one. We started off with photography for all the listed jewelry articles. With our own state-of-the-art studio in LA, we were able to deliver high-quality customized images in a quick turnaround time. Having the studio in LA meant that the client was also able to save up on the logistics cost.


As we like to speak more through our work than our words, we believe that the best way to pitch to a client is to go beyond the scope of deliverables and present the clients a sample of the real ‘end to end’ work that we can provide for them.


This is what we did for Doyle as well. We presented them with a sample of our retouching services for their images. The company was impressed with the quality of the sample work and our dedication to work beyond the scope and hence onboarded us to fulfill their post-production requirements as well.

Image retouching for auction houses is not only about quality, it is also about quantity with strong turnaround times. But it wasn’t a problem for us at all because handling quantity is one of our core strengths. With a robust management system in place, we excel at client service and delivering on time. Our in-house team of 200+ digital artists allows us to deliver 1500-2000 images per day. With our company-owned servers, we are able to handle high volumes of data while maintaining privacy.


After delivering on the content production and post-production, the last thing remaining was the catalog design part. Like always we let our work do the talking here. By successfully designing a mockup of the catalog, the client trusted us with that deliverable as well.


Our ability to cross-sell different verticals under one roof and deliver effective turnkey solutions is what makes us the one-stop solution for 360-degree content production for auction houses like Doyle. That’s the reason we have been working with many more leading names in the industries like- Christie’s, Fortuna, Bonham, and Heritage auctions. 

"Impressed with the quality of the sample work and our dedication, Doyle onboarded us to fulfill their post-production work as well."


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