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Photo Retouching Services

Retouching is the silent storyteller of a photograph, revealing its hidden beauty.

Every image has a story to tell. With our exceptional photo retouching services, we create a strong narrative and enhance the beauty of 2D images. 

Our extensive experience across diverse domains, including jewelry, fashion, products, furniture, automobiles, interiors & architectures, and eCommerce; equips us to provide exceptional photo retouching services that perfectly complement your brand and elevate your visuals.


The Powerweave Studio Advantage

Our skilled team and robust digital capabilities guarantee a streamlined workflow capable of handling 1500-2000 images daily and delivering them within a rapid turnaround of just 24-48 hours.

A quick glance at the imagery we ‘enhance’

Our Services

Product Retouching

We refine your product photos, improve color accuracy, remove imperfections, and amplify key features.

Fashion Retouching

We enhance every aspect of your fashion imagery, from skin retouching to garment perfection.

Jewelry Retouching

We meticulously polish and refine your jewelry images, ensuring each piece sparkles with breathtaking brilliance.

Clipping Path

Our precise clipping path services guarantee clean and accurate cutouts, making your product images shine with professional finesse.


From vibrant hues to subtle tonal adjustments, our colorization experts breathe life into your visuals, making them truly captivating.

Ghost Mannequin

We excel in creating the illusion of an invisible mannequin, giving your fashion and apparel images that coveted seamless and professional look.

From product perfection to fashion finesse, our photo retouching services and expertise breathe life into your visuals, making your brand shine. 

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