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Who we are

Who We Are

Powerweave Studio is one of the flagship brand of Powerweave Group of Companies.  The Group is housing more than 1000 employees in Mumbai, India and operations in Los Angeles, USA. With more than 15 years of experience in services such as still images production, post production, video production, designing and making artwork, the BPO,Powerweave Group has more than 500 well served customers across US, Europe and India. It brings to the table 15 years of maturity and in depth knowledge of all the processes that the group serves with.

Powerweave Studio is the creative core of the group. Focused on 360 degree content production across all media of production (Photography, Videography, Computer Generated Imagery) for all the purposes of business (commercial advertisement, digital media/social media marketing and eCommerce); Powerwave Studio offers a comprehensive and turnkey content solution under one roof to many industries viz. Fashion (Apparels & Accessories), Jewelry, Cosmetics, FMCG, Art Auction Houses, Media Houses, Furniture, Interior Designing, etc. the unique value proposition that Powerweave Studio brings to the table is “ Everything in house and deployed on permanent full time basis”; the studio premises, Photography and Video equipment, Video post production suites and most importantly all the human resources like photographers, stylists, designers, visualizers, post production artists... you name it and we have it in house.

Our Team

Meet The Team



Rajesh dreamt of starting Powerweave Studio a decade ago, and worked hard to make this dream a reality. He is a true visionary who constantly pushes the Powerweave team to reach the next level. It goes without saying that Rajesh is a vital part of what makes Powerweave Studio so unique and a leader in the industry. Always rich with ideas and ever-pragmatic, he is ready to take the lead and ensure that concepts become well produced reality. His first priority is his customer, who he holds in the utmost regard, which can be seen in all of his ventures.  Rajesh is a serial entrepreneur who has found success in various industries such as advertising, technology and BPO.



As the CEO and Co-Founder, Shriniket is responsible for making Powerweave Studio a force to reckon with and shaping it to take on the future. He leads the front end of the company and is directly involved with prospective clients, and business opportunities, which he studies, understands and provides innovative solutions. He is also an expert in effective delegation management, and has high sensitivity towards  customer needs and satisfaction. It is because of this that he insists that Powerweave Studio must always strive to elevate the customer experience. Under his steady leadership, Powerweave Studio embodies its tagline “creative solutions simplified”, and is poised to take on all the challenges of growth and advancement.




An Artist at her core and a business lead in the making, Priya handles an integral section of the creative solutions at Powerweave Studio. She drives leads for the CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) section, and is also responsible for the entire post-production team, who she leads through creative solution initiatives all the way from the design process to the final delivery. Working closely with our production studios, she effectively drives mixed media production. Moreover, she is an expert in converting highly creative and demanding processes into easy to monitor workflows which ensure customer satisfaction.



An Artist, sculptor and photographer all blended into one, Harshal has added major value to Powerweave Studio since he joined in 2014. Heading the content production studio, he has pioneered the concept of “360 degree content production under one roof”. Whether it is highly creative editorial or commercial photography, or the most volume and process driven ecommerce requirement, Harshal’s creativity, his coordination and work with his team of photographers, stylists and designers is always of an impeccable standard.

Our Clients

Our Clients
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