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We at Powerweave Studios offer end-to-end services for Auction Houses, like photography, post-production, catalog design & creation, online package, color proofing & mass printing services.  With industry leaders such as Christie's, Heritage Auctions, Bonhams, Doyle, and Michael C Finna, and more than a decade,of experience, we are equipped to meet your every need. 

What will you get?

- We ensure that you will get a comprehensive service without any fixed cost. 

- We will provide, completely reliable, efficient, and committed service with in-depth domain technology, process & industry knowledge,


We provide a range of services that make the process convenient and simple for you and increase efficiency, such as:

- On location photography

- We collaborate consistently with Curators and Specialists in order to set and understand parameters. 

- We provide consistent quality without compromising productivity. 

- We achieve optimal quality in photography to reduce post-production work.



Post-production services are essential in the presentation of the lot, which is why we provide:

- Basic Color Correction (on location)

- Clipping Paths. 

- Basic Retouching without altering the lot/product.

- Retouching as per the request of the curator.

- Color correction of spin sets.

- All other allied activities to make images ready for the catalog.

- Turnkey post-production.

Post- Production

Catalog Design 

As part of our Catalog Layout and Design service, we offer services such as:

-Creating the layouts as per the style guide

- Using templates from client database for a quick 

-Customizing templates per sale/lot/object

- Create the layouts from reference scribble or old catalog

- Revise layouts per client needs and requests. 

Catalog Design
Online Package and Mass Print

Online Package and Mass Print

As part of our Online Package and Mass Print service, we offer a comprehensive service package that includes::

- Conversion of Catalogs to IPad / Tablet circulation with full flexibility to use tools as per requirement.

- Creation of a 3D virtual gallery, with lot numbers, descriptions and prices, with full flexibility to use tools per requirement.

- Color proofing and working in collaboration with the press team to get the best result.

- Printing with the highest quality standards, and conducting regular customer surveys to understand customer requirements better.

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